COMTOR J2ME is a set of useful classes to simplify J2ME software development.

This library has been developed and proved on iDen phones.

This software is released under GNU/GPL License

This libraries has been used in MailWithMe project ( ). A e-mail client for cellular phones.

Library Elements

Form net.comtor.j2me.form
This package contains Generic forms

Gui net.comtor.j2me.gui

GUI classes such as:

  •    redefined paint to clean Canvas area
  •  AutoListener Canvas
  •  Form with Ok and Cancel Buttons

Midlet net.comtor.j2me.midlet

Includes a midlet Template
  • The midlet main class

Print net.comtor.j2me.print

Prints in a SerialPrinter


  •    Converts actual time to String
  •    Such as StringTokenizer
  •   Split text using with

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